• Dalahu Collection

    Dalahu county is located in the western part of Iran where is regarded as part of Iranian Kurdistan. Dalahu is a known name for nature lovers, is chosen as origin to weave all the products of this collection that brings forth eternal, mystical Iranian ancient symbols and stories, interwoven with worldwide aesthetics principles. The highlights and salient structure of these modern Persian rugs handicrafts shows the perfectionism and spirituality of the Persian art and culture.

  • Hamsa Collection

    Hamsa is a respected sign for major religions that is variously known as the first five books of the Bible, the hand of Miriam, the hand of Mary, the hand of Fatima, and the five elements of Nature. General beliefs express that Hamsa makes happiness and luck for the holder. This symbol also represents the protection of man from evil and the devil. Hamsa is made in two common forms. One is similar to the normal hand, but the more popular form consists of two symmetrical thumbs.

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Boustani Glorious Handicrafts began its business as one of the first companies in Iran that seriously cares about revealing undetected points of Iranian art and culture…